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Prototyping and Development

: Toybox Mode

Lead Toy Artist

: Creativi-Toys, Blocks, Building Sets, Tracks

Contributing Artist

: Terrain System Assets and Customization Sets

Toybox Environments

› Everything is placeable and customizable by the player.
› Everything is modular.
› Everything is a physical toy.

› Terrain system for creating landscapes.
› Logic-based “Creativi-Toys” system for building interactivity and gameplay.
› Children’s blocks system for platforming.
› Plastic race track system for racing.
› Building sets for creating Disney locales.
› Setpiece structures based on high-profile Disney structures.

Disney Infinity

› Third-person "toys-to-life" game by Disney Interactive based on all past, present, and future Disney IPs.

Video: Toybox Terrain System

Video: Toybox Customization System